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THE ACADEMY is purposed to equip nursing students with skills to best practice the scientific study of old age, the process of ageing, and the particular problems of old people and how best to care for them.

The concept of caregiving is relatively novel in Uganda. Golden Age Homes Uganda (GAEHU) faced challenges of recruiting skilled, competent and compassionate caregivers meeting the high standards demanded in execution of tasks. An opportunity was thus seen in terms of directly providing elderly care services and skilling caregivers thus Golden Age Caregivers and Geriatric Nursing Academy was born.

What We do

We train caregivers in both Diploma and a short 3 months-hands on certificate course that offers specialized knowledge transfer physiotherapy & massage, dietary and emotional support, rehabilitation, among others, tailored for our elderly home facilities, hospitals and individual homes.

We also bridge the unemployment gap through skilling, internship placements and exchange programs for each intake.


Skilling up to support the Elderly live with dignity and age gracefully.


Skilling up to support the Elderly live with dignity and age gracefully.


Online Tutoring

We offer online tutoring to our students. Come get the best tutors ang be the best in your career

Nurses have a variety of roles within their Scope of Practice at Golden Age Caregiver Academy we take you through a new lane of #GeriatricNursing specialty of nursing pertaining to older adults !
Come learn how to give care to this special group in 4months and become a certified Caregiver!

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