Golden Age Elderly Homes Uganda

Golden Age Elderly Home (GAEH) is an organization that has pledged to take up the cause of the helpless souls and care for them as best as it can. It is registered trust that commenced operations on 27th /04/2013 with a handful of old persons. Today it has 180 aged men and women housed in a building with all facilitiesand Services including Accommodation, Laundry, Housekeeping, Personal Grooming, Pathology Tests, Medicines and Pharmacy: Ambulance 24/7 qualified Attendants 24/7 Doctor and Food that will simplify and improve life and do away with the uncertainties of managing on their own in advancing years.

Our staff is selected for their compassion and professional knowledge. Each one is dedicated to our clients, their specific needs and providing quality care with a personal touch. The significance and value of G.A.E.H lies in the prompt, regular and emergency services and facilities it offers.

Our commitment to you is simple: We’ll help your loved one to relocate for proper care in our shelters or continue to live at home, and we’ll help you find peace of mind.

We provide (medical / non-medical) cares services to (elderly, disabled and people of all ages) who would like to remain at home, yet require assistance with certain daily or weekly activities. Working closely with clients and their families we provide personalized assistance in the client’s own home, the hospital, long-term assisted living living facilities and other places of residence with things like

Our passion is our family mindset that we treat each of our residents, clients and staff as family. To us each one is a part of our extended family.

My Inspiration was my GRANDMOTHER who passed on at the age of 104 YEARS who was a blessing to me; my mother had to quit her job to dedicate her time to the aging mother.

As the founder of Golden Age, an organization that has gladly taken up the cause of these vulnerable people and care for them as best as it can, with a mission Touched by the sufferings of the old, decided to dedicate my life to their welfare though i was and still hampered by lack of funds plunged into the project with a prayer. Despite the fact that i faced considerable hardships, unflinchingly moved on and established the foundation of a highly noble project.

Who we are: Brief history of the organization

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